The second Sana writing contest is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories! We will announce the winners on the 15th February

We will announce the winners on our blog and in the Sana Stories app. We will also make the announcement in our social media channels and in our newsletter.

You can find all the participating stories in the 'Writing contest entries' category in the Sana Stories app!

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Write an interactive romance story for a cash prize!

  • The theme of our second contest is Happily Ever After… Or Not?

  • Contest open internationally until January 14th 2021

  • Cash prizes for the top 3 stories (500€ / 200€ / 100€) and the option to have cover art for the story created by a professional artist.

In this contest we invite you to create a romantic story with either multiple different endings, or with different plotlines all leading to the same end. Happily ever after or not? That’s for you—and your readers!—to decide.

Happily Ever After is the hallmark of romance, but sometimes you just want to give your characters a taste of that delicious suffering. With branching stories you can have both! Write a happy plot, write a sad plot, a happy ending, a sad ending—write them all and let your readers decide what kind of a story they need today.

Sana Stories is a free reading app for romantic and thrilling original stories, where you get to choose between multiple storylines and different endings. Anyone can publish their branching story on Sana Stories!

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Guidelines for Writing Contest

  • Please check the platform rules first. We allow for publishing of all content except illegal content or propaganda. Contests have more limitations for stories, to make sure the contest theme is present in the participating stories.

    Write a branching/interactive story using the Sana Writing Tool and submit it with this form to be self-published in the Sana app.

  • The story needs to be an original story written by you. It should have a beginning, a middle and an end (preferably several!). It needs to be at least 5000 words long and written in English, and the submission needs to include a cover image. 

  • The story must have at least one choice between two different scenes.

  • We reserve the right not to publish stories that do not meet these requirements.

  • You can submit as many stories as you like. In fact, we suggest submitting several shorter stories instead of a single long one.

  • We encourage submitting your stories early rather than late. This gives them more time to become popular with our readers and makes it more likely they will catch the interest of our judges.

  • Fan fiction is warmly welcome in our app but unfortunately, for legal reasons, in this contest we can only accept original stories.

  • What we want to see:

  • Stories with a strong central romance plot between two or more characters. We live for those delicious character arcs and sizzling chemistry.

  • Diverse stories with characters from all kinds of backgrounds. We are LGBT+ friendly, and also appreciate more traditional straight romances.

  • Erotic stories. We do prefer light erotica with an emphasis on emotions over straight-up porn, but both are welcome.

  • Coherent and complete narratives without continuity errors. Readers should experience a full story no matter which choices they make.

  • Well-written and clearly formatted text without typos or spelling mistakes.

  • What we don’t want to see:

    • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other kind of discrimination or abuse aimed at a vulnerable group of people.

    • Sexual abuse of any kind, such as depictions of rape or non-consensual sexual acts.

    • Gratuitous graphic violence without a very good reason strongly rooted in the plot of your story. Please consider carefully if the gory details are really necessary.

    • Illegal content, such as sexual acts towards minors or bestiality. We cannot publish any illegal content due to platform rules.

Other info

  • All branching/interactive stories submitted by January 14th 2021 and accepted to be published are eligible to win. Winners will be chosen by our judges. Stories that are popular with our readers will be of more interest to the judges.

  • Winners will be notified by 15th February 2021 personally via email.

  • The first 100 stories accepted to be published get a reward: 50€/£/$ Amazon gift card and one month’s free subscription to the Sana app. Once your story is published, we will email you with the details on how to claim your reward.

  • All published stories are eligible for royalties: 25% of the subscription revenue is given to authors based on how much their stories are read by subscribed readers. We will contact authors for payment details when the royalties are over 50€.

  • The Sana app is a self-publishing platform, all the rights to the stories you submit remain with you. You can ask for your stories to be taken down at any time.

  • We publish stories as fast as possible, but please give us time to handle the publishing process. It might take 1–2 weeks for your story to be published.

Contest rules

  • Authors must hold all rights to the stories they submit.

  • All 10th Muse employees and all third parties involved in organizing and/or administering the Contest, including their family members, are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

  • Prizes will be paid through a wire transfer to the bank account provided by the winner following the announcement of the winners. Participants shall be responsible for the fees charged by their banks. 10th Muse will make the payment in EUR and any conversion loss or fees are to the account of the Participant.

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