Testing Reward

We want to develop our Writing Tool to be the best option for creating branching stories. This is why we want to thank you for using the tool. Our goal is to look at the whole process of creating stories, copy pasting stories and/or editing stories in the tool, all the way to submitting them for publishing and making changes to published stories. This is why we offer a reward for stories approved by our editorial team. The reward consists of a free 1 month subscription to Sana Unlimited Reading in the Sana App, and a Gift Card to Amazon, valued 50€/$/£ (amazon.com, amazon.de or amazon.co.uk).

The approval is just to make sure a story looks and feels finished and uses proper language. We are not editing the story or making any changes, just checking that it seems complete.

Stories you create in the tool do not need to be new works. As long as you own the rights to your story, you can use works that have already been published elsewhere. At this moment we require that the story has at least one choice for the reader to make. You can for example, add an alternative ending to a story you have written earlier.

When you submit a story, you keep all the intellectual property rights to it. If at any time you want to take down your story from Sana, just email us and we will do it. Once our backend system is ready, you are able to take stories down yourself with the Writing Tool.

How will I get the reward?

Submit a story made with the Writing Tool through our submission form. Our editorial team will take a look at the story as soon as possible. If the story is approved, you will receive an email in the mail you used for the submissions form, with instructions how to claim the reward.

You are also eligible for royalties for the story! The Sana reward is just our way of saying thank you for participating in improving the Writing Tool, it does not affect the royalties in any way. Read more about royalties here.

What if my story is not approved?

If your story is not approved, you will receive an email briefly explaining why. Most common is just accidentally attaching the wrong file to the form, so there might not be anything wrong with your story. You can submit the story again if you wish to.

How many stories can I submit?

You can submit as many as you want! We offer a reward for each accepted story, as it is very valuable for us to see how users who already have made one story will use the Writing Tool to do more stories. We really want to hear what you think and if we can make the tool better!

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