Sana offers royalties to authors based on how much their stories are read. The app tracks how many words the subscribed users read and in which stories. Based on this data, 25% of the subscription revenue is divided with the authors.

What does this mean for me as an author?

The more your stories are read, even re-read by the same people, the bigger the piece of the revenue shared you will get. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to write short or long stories, or stories split into many episodes or chapters—you will get your fair share. There is also no need to write cliffhangers at specific points or otherwise constrict your creative freedom. You can express yourself through your story as you want!

How will I be paid?

Currently, as we don’t yet have our automated payment system up and running, we print out the reading data every four months to divide royalties. When the amount of royalties exceeds 50€, we will contact you via the email you have provided in the story submission form to offer payment. We identify authors by the email provided, so please submit all stories with the same email. To receive royalty payments from us, you need to have a PayPal account that can accept payments. Other ways of receiving the payments can be negotiated.

Plans for the future

After the payment system is done, you can check your accumulated royalties at any time in your Sana Stories profile. You will also be able to add your payment details to your user profile and automatically receive payments. Currently we handle payments manually.

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