What is Sana?

And How do Sana Stories Work?

Sana Stories is a free reading app for romantic, erotic and thrilling original stories and books where the reader gets to choose between multiple storylines and different endings. At interesting points defined by the authors, Sana Stories present the reader with two choices that can affect how the story they’re reading continues. Stories that have these options, and the potential for alternative endings and plotlines, is what we call branching stories.

Our focus is on providing entertaining stories for adult women. Most of our books are within the romance genre and some also feature erotic themes. We are all about those delicious character arcs and sizzling chemistry! We aim to be a platform for diverse stories from a diverse group of authors. All of our stories are written in English.

To keep the reading experience more book-like, choices made while reading a story cannot be undone, but the reader can restart the story at any time. If they exit a book mid-read, the app will remember where the user left off. The app can keep track of the latest 10 books the user is reading. The stories can be long or short and their branching can be simple or complex. We have chosen to allow a maximum of two choices at a time specifically because it makes the stories simple to create, yet the possibilities for branching storylines are endless.

Unlike our competitors, we do not limit reading with pay-per-chapter systems. Our readers can read as much as they want, and they can switch between books as they please. Additionally, readers never have to pay to make the choice they want. Readers can either wait a bit, watch ads, or subscribe to keep reading as much as they want.

We are also determined to make Sana a fair place for authors. The app tracks how much each book is read using our wordcount mechanic that can be seen at the top-right of the screen when reading a story in Sana. We pay 25% of Sana’s subscription revenue to our authors based on how much their books are read by all subscribed users. In addition, authors keep all rights to their content and IPs when working with Sana.

With branching stories, readers can influence how the story unfolds, which gets them more invested in their reading. You can read more about the perks of branching fiction in our blogpost “What are branching stories and why should I write them?”

Would you like to create your own branching story? Try our Sana Writing Tool here and read more about publishing your story with us here