The Winners of the 2nd Interactive Romance Writing Contest are here! + New Contest Open!

Our second writing contest—themed ‘Happily Ever After… Or Not?’—received a total of 22 stories from 19 authors. We were super excited to see all of you jump into interactive writing—some of you for the very first time!—and to read your amazing entries.

Deciding the winner was not an easy task! From a shortlist, members of the Sana team voted for their favorites, and the top two stories ended up with the exact same score. Both stories were equally well written and exciting. We went carefully over each story’s strengths and in the end, we chose the story that we felt fit our contest theme the best. 

We received so many wonderful stories that in addition to the well earned 2nd and 3rd places, we wanted to highlight a couple of stories with honorable mentions.

And now finally, here are the winners with comments from the Sana team!

1st PLACE, 500€ – The Greywood House by K.P. Brooke

We all agreed that this was an absolutely lovely read! A classic romance story set in the English countryside, but with an exciting twist that keeps you on your toes. The language used by K.P. Brooke is gentle, and it moves you forward with a purpose. The characters feel genuine and alive (no pun intended, read the story to understand).

The interactivity and choices in The Greywood House are meaningful, and true to the theme of the contest, readers can choose how it all ends. The choices you make in the middle of the story also have a big impact on what you will experience and feel, so rereading this to get the full picture is definitely recommended.

Congrats to K.P. Brooke! We really hope to read more stories like this from you in the future!

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2nd PLACE, 300€ – The Witches of Whitewood Saga (Parts I & II) by Ilia Starr

As mentioned earlier, the choice between the 1st and 2nd place was a tough one. The Witches of Whitewood has all the characteristics of a great story, and it shines especially on the interactive side. It’s a two part story where the choices made in the first half have a huge impact on how the story continues in the second part. And it has a lot of reread value with a whopping 5 different endings, all of which are satisfying in their own unique ways!
The story becomes more thrilling and dark as it unfolds, with a romance element that keeps the reader invested in the characters’ destinies. Ilia Starr demonstrates mastery of both storytelling and interactivity with this excellent branching story. Big congratulations!

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The Witches of Whitewood (I Sage & Clover)

The Witches of Whitewood (II Fire & Brimstone)

3rd PLACE, 200€ – Roads to Nowhere by D.A. Caparelli

D.A. Caparelli paints a haunting but beautiful picture of World War II ridden Italy, where despite all of the horrors of war there is still room for love. The prose is clear and evocative, and we especially liked the creative way of moving the story forward with descriptive prompts that give readers a taste of what is to come.

This love story tells of the timeless struggle between duty and desire, familiarity and novelty, affection and lust. The choices you make reveal different sides of the history and mindscape of the main character, and will ultimately affect your final decision at the end. Good job D.A.!

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HONORABLE MENTIONS – Trial of Thorns by Ilia Starr & The Breakup by Niina Lehti

Ilia Starr amazed us by not only submitting a winning story, but also by creating another beautiful tale that definitely rivals the Top 3. Trial of Thorns plays with both language and your emotions as it takes you on a fey journey of love, war and tough decisions. We want to give special thanks to Ilia for creating an LGBTQ+ story where the gender of the characters plays no role. Read or Share this story now »

The Breakup is a short, but very relatable story of the agonizing choices we have to make when a relationship is just not working. The judges were impressed by the depth of feeling in this story, and how easy it was to empathize with the main character in a rough and somewhat unusual situation. The story invites you to imagine all the possibilities that were before and could have come after. Maybe Niina will write some of those stories for us in the future! Read or Share this story now »

A huge thanks to all participants and congratulations for the winners! We will approach the winners individually to deliver the prizes, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, please share the winning stories with your friends and spread the love!
And in other news… We are opening our next Writing Contest right now!

3rd Contest Theme is ‘Slow Burn

In this new contest we invite you to write an interactive “slow burn” / UST (unresolved sexual tension) story with as many twists and turns and alternative paths as you can think of! The longer your story keeps the reader on their toes the better!

Once again we have amazing prizes for the Top 3 stories. Click the link below to read more, and start writing!