What kind of content can you publish on Sana Stories?

Short answer: all stories that do not have illegal content (for example instructions on how to commit a crime) or are propaganda (for example pro right wing extremism).

Long answer: Sana Stories does not have pre-censoring. A user can publish any story that they feel is adhering to the platform terms of use and content rules. Any and all users can report stories (currently done with a form, but we are adding a reporting button in the app as soon as possible). To help us navigate the corner cases, we designed an internal system for reported stories. If a story is reported several times, we will draw lots to have three people in the company read it (note that we are only 8 people total). These three people will then vote if an external expert is needed to decide if the story breaches our guidelines. If they vote for an expert, we will go and find a person who understands the potential issue the story has, and hire them to give us a statement. After the three people have read the statement and discussed it with the expert, they will vote on if the story must be taken down or not. Please note that taking a story down does not mean destroying the story. The author still can access the text they have written and owns it fully. Authors do not hand over any ownership to us at any point when publishing their stories on the platform.

Sana Stories is based in Finland. We adhere to the Finnish law when defining if content is illegal.

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