Sana Writing Tool Help

We’re a small team who are aiming to bring our writers the best tool for writing branching stories. Our tool is still in development, and we’re working hard to improve the tool to be the best it can be!
Until then, we want to let you know of any bugs or issues that we have not resolved yet so you as a writer can better avoid them while writing your story.

If you’re experiencing any other bugs or issues with the Sana Writing Tool than the ones written below, or have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or trough our Discord channel

We also always welcome feedback. By filling out this form, you can help us make the Sana Writing Tool even better!

Known bugs/Common issues

  • The Sana Writing Tool does not support certain special characters yet. These can give you an error in the tool, or give us problems when publishing your story. For the time being, please avoid using the following characters:

  • The triple dot ellipsis “…” Please write … in three regular separate periods instead

  • Accents on letters, such as á, é, í, ó (the word “fiancé” is for example a common problem in the tool because it cannot process the “é”)

  • The Sana Writing tool cannot at this time process text being written in two font styles at the same time. Text can be written in bold or italic, but the same text cannot be bold and italic at the same time.

Other things to remember:

  • Make sure all blocks are connected. All blocks must be connected to a block leading either to or from it.

    • If more than one block doesn’t have any other block leading into it, then we cannot publish the story properly. The first block of the story is the only exception.

  • Remember to assign the first block of your story to become the official starting block by toggling on the crown symbol in the story view

  • If you want to change something about your story which has already been submitted or published, you can do so by simply re-submitting a new story file. Please let us know in the “Additional notes about the story” section which story we should be updating. Let us also know if the title, author title, genres and description should be updated, or just the story file.

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