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Unleash your creativity with interactive branching fiction.

Sana Stories are written by a diverse group of authors—and by you!

Have you ever wanted to write stories without limitations? With Sana Stories you can explore as many different plotlines and endings as you want! 

We are developing easy-to-use tools that will allow anyone to write and publish their own branching stories on the Sana Stories app. Publishing on Sana Stories is always free, and we aim to pay our authors a fair compensation in royalties.

Writing contest spring 2021

Right now we are hosting a writing contest! Any stories submitted between 15.02.2021-11.04.2021 are eligible to win up to 500€.

What are interactive/branching stories?

Interactive Sana Stories are just like regular short stories or novelettes, except that instead of having one linear narrative, they branch off into multiple storylines or different endings. In Sana Stories this interactivity is easy to create—pick a turning point in your story, think of two different ways the story could continue, write them both, and let the reader choose!

How to Write Branching Stories »

How to Write Branching stories

Why should I write interactive stories?

Interactive stories allow you to explore multiple versions of your story and your characters inside the same story. They also create an immersive and exciting experience for your readers. By expanding your storytelling skills with interactive stories, you can get noticed by a new generation of active readers!

More reasons to write branching stories »

More reasons to write branching stories

Where can I write these branching stories?

Sana Writing Tool is designed to be an intuitive and easy to use tool for writing interactive branching fiction. It is open for everyone, free of charge, and easy to use together with your preferred text editor. We are constantly working on improving the Sana Writing Tool and would love to hear your feedback!

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