Cover Art

When submitting a story for publication in Sana, you must either upload your own cover art, or choose from the “default” covers that we provide.

If you submit your own cover image, it must be a .png file and have a resolution of 400 x 585 pixels. Note that cover art should only be art for which you have permission to use and own the rights to, and should not contain any illegal imagery. We will check all book covers that are submitted, and will be in contact with you if there are any problems. For free book cover creation, we recommend Canva ( and Desygner ( Free images can be easily found on

Warning / A word of advice

We recommend not using Unsplash images with a recognizable person for your covers. This is because of “copyright trolling” issues, where scammers take advantage of a loophole in the regular Unsplash license.
You can read more about this problem here.
For more information (and other exceptions from the license), please take a look at Unsplash's terms and conditions.

The cover does not need to have your story name or your name on it, as these will appear alongside the image within the app. However, you can download our generic covers (at the bottom of this page) and edit them to include such information if you so choose. Here is an example of how stories in the app are displayed:

Here are "default" covers from which you can use for your story, already resized and saved in PNG format. If you wish to add your name and the story name on the cover, save the image and edit it on your computer or phone. Images courtesy of and

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