"We create gamified entertainment apps for an adult women & LGBTQ+ audience - With a team that knows exactly how it’s done right!"

Who We Are

We are a passionate team working on a gamified app for adult romance readers, led by a game design superstar and TED Talk speaker Karoliina Korppoo, and backed up by Icebreaker VC and angel investors from companies like Rovio, Next Games and Supercell. We are on a mission to make highly engaging mobile products that a modern female & LGBTQ+ audience actually needs and wants.







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Our Story

What Is Sana?

Our first product Sana Stories is a mobile reading app for interactive romantic books. All stories are created with Sana Writing Tool, which makes it easy and fun to write an interactive story or turn an already existing linear story into an interactive one. Anyone can create and publish their stories with Sana. We are a platform that brings romance readers and authors together, and engages them with gamified stories!

How Did It All Start?

Spring 2019 Karoliina noticed the rapid rise of romance books and TV series sparked by the hype of Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray. She quickly found out that while there is a hunger for more engaging romance, the market struggles to provide interesting enough stories with easy-access platforms. Combining her passion for storytelling, games and romance gave birth to Sana Stories - Gamified romance books, and a chance for anyone to create branching stories.

Where Are We Now?

The Sana team raised a pre-seed round at the beginning of 2020 led by Icebreaker VC with several angel investors to build the MVP for both the Sana reading app, and the Writing Tool. The MVPs are now done, and with highly promising interest from the reader and author communities the team is now looking to raise a seed round to continue developing the platform and honing the product-market fit. For investment inquiries please contact Karoliina at karoliina@10thmuse.net

Our Mission

Women & LGBTQ+ Audience

Adult women and the LGBTQ+ community are an underserved audience in the games and apps business - The current products and services made for them are developed by mostly male teams, and product options are limited or poor quality. These customers know exactly what they want and have income to spend on services and products they like, but struggle to find what they seek.

The Romance Market

Romance is the single most lucrative fiction genre in the United States, building up a total of 42% of the whole revenue of the fiction books market. The romance ebook industry is worth $1.4 billion dollars a year in the US. 1 in 5 adult women in the US admit to reading romance, and almost half of them read more than one book per week. Many romance reading apps are entering this space, most recently Radish with a 63$ Million Round A. Our edge comes from interactive gamification elements, a subscription model that suits our adult audience and a fair publishing system, none of which our competitors offer.

Game Design & Engagement

With our expertise in game design and mobile games development we can create tailored engagement mechanics that excite readers to keep reading more. Our self-publishing approach ensures a large library of stories, with machine learning and algorithms to help our customers find exactly what they want (think of YouTube or Netflix). According to our user survey over 85% of readers enjoy having choices in their stories. Interactive storytelling is also on the rise, with trendsetters like Netflix’s Bandersnatch creating demand and interest.

Contact Us

Press & General inquiries: contact@10thmuse.net
Jobs: jobs@10thmuse.net

For authors and readers
Help & Support: hello@sanastories.com


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