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Interactive branching stories where you choose what happens.

Sana Stories is a free reading app for romantic and thrilling original stories, where you get to choose between multiple storylines and different endings. Anyone can publish their branching story on Sana Stories!

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Branching Stories For Every Taste

Experience romantic short stories and novelettes like never before.

In Sana Stories, readers get to choose between multiple storylines and different endings. Our focus is on entertaining stories for adult women—we are all about those delicious character arcs and sizzling chemistry! We don’t limit reading with pay-per-chapter systems or paid choices. You can freely switch between books or start a story from the beginning and make different choices—the choice is always yours!

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Read thrilling branching stories anywhere you want, any time you want. With Sana Stories you can change freely between books and never have to pay for a choice. Our library is filled with different kinds of stories from a diverse group of writers. 


Choose freely between different options and make the story go where you want. Reading branching Sana Stories is just like reading a book, except that every so often you get to choose between two exciting options hand-crafted by our writers.


Write branching Sana Stories with the easy-to-use tools we are developing, be as free and creative as you want. Publish your stories on the Sana Stories app, find a whole new audience, and become an (even more!) amazing writer.

Writing contest spring 2021

Right now we are hosting a writing contest! Any stories submitted between 15.02.2021-11.04.2021 are eligible to win up to 500€.


What users say about us

“Absolutely in love with the stories!
Although sometimes they leave me wanting more.

Truly for readers who want to curl up with a great book.”

– A.C, Google Play Store

“This app is perfect but really new. It has features to come and good stories to get you excited. However, there is no telling if the books will get another addition or when the features will be added. It’s promising but off to a slow start. But, I’ll be patient hoping for more.”

– K.S, Google Play Store

“I’m ecstatic about this game; I can’t wait for self publishing platform & gay stories.”

– A.B, Google Play Store
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